Nosocks, no worries

30 -day free trial

You can wear, wash, dry, wear again, and return Nosocks without worry (although we’re pretty sure you won’t want to). 

We are convinced of our Nosocks. This makes sense, as we did everything to ensure the perfect fit, the best material and the highest quality in one sock (er, a pair of socks). And we tested our own product for miles. Spoiler alert: they don’t sag and they don’t creep up.

Wear footies
That’s why we give our customers the opportunity to try our footies for miles. Or rather: a 30-day free trial. Use this time to experience how good they feel in sneakers, loafers or ankle boots and whether they live up to our summertime guarantee. 

This 30-day trial means more than just trying them out in different shoes. It means you can wash, dry and wear them for a full month, as often as you want. If you’re still not convinced of Nosocks, you can simply return them and request a refund. No worries.

Perfect socks
We don’t think you’ll want to return them (we said we were confident, didn’t we?). In fact, we think you’ll wear, wash and dry Nosocks a whole lot in this 30-day period. That is why we’d like to share some tips on maintaining the colour and quality of your Nosocks for more than 30 days.

Trial wear
The first tip: wash your Nosocks with similar colours. This means whites with whites and blue and black with darks. Use a bleach-free detergent and wash your socks at 30 or 40 degrees. That's enough to get them clean and prevent them from shrinking.

The second tip follows from this. Socks are small and can easily get lost in pillowcases and duvet covers. To avoid the hunt for missing socks during your 30-day trial, wash them in a laundry bag.

Finally, fold your socks instead of rolling them into a ball. That way, they won't stretch out in your drawer and they won’t sag when you wear them. Bonus tip: make sure they are really dry before folding. Wet socks can make your shoes smell, which is exactly what we’re trying to prevent.

Convinced? Or not yet? Order Nosocks now and start wearing them this week. Feel free to wash, dry and wear them as often as you like.

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